Silence and tranquility among the Joshua's

Ive only been to Joshua Park one time. I'm not an expert at its terrain, but I'm drawn back to it because it is so unique.  My 1st workshop there was in February 2019.  I did not photograph, choosing instead to just survey the land and try to get a feel for what to photograph while I was teaching. Now that I have that experience I'm excited to get there again, armed with a better vision of what it offers. And what is that ? Well, 1st and foremost is its color. The color of the Mojave intensified. Sages, Ochres, oranges, sienna's , dark umbers, and that open sky !  Joshua trees dominate the landscape , vast stretches of Joshua's in every shape and size imaginable.   Rock formations provide great material and photographing the striking forms challenges your compositional skills.  

The Cholla Cactus field is stunning...and stinging as I experienced first hand !  Yes, they literally do jump and I fell victim, receiving 8 stinging barbs buried below my skin which only my Leatherman tool could extra after applying great force from the pliers!  A lesson learned ! Dont get to close to them !  But they have great beauty backlit from a setting sun so the danger they pose is greatly overshadowed by the photographic possibilities.. Long lenses are  recommended ! 

Joshua Park is similar to Death Valley as its landscape rewards the patient photographer, the unhurried worker, which enables teaching at a comfortable relaxing pace. Often when too much is going on, and terrain too difficult, students become intimidated and they become less sure of grasping different aspects of photographing the landscape.

Here in Joshua we can really have the time to study the land in a vast,  open, beguiling  space.  

Our accommodations are very close to the park entrance. Everything is at hand in Joshua making for  easy transitions from rooms, to breakfast table, to the field.  You wont feel rushed here. You will be in Joshua's playground !!


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